Meet Our Staff

Mike Hrdlicka


763-546-1800, x223

Mike Hrdlicka is a proud veteran of the U.S. Army and a committed businessman who believes strongly in the constant and proud service of others. Whether helping veterans of all ages have their service recognized or taking care of the national agent community Mike takes pride in helping people succeed and working for the benefit of others even when it takes going against the stream. As one of the first visionaries to sense the changes that would come to the insurance industry in the 1970s and 1980s, along with his partner David Aronson, Mike helped blaze a new trail with the kinds of products and services that have become industry standards. Together they headed NIDA in the direction of serving as a broker interfacing between independent agents/agencies and insurance carriers. Since Aronson tragically lost his life in 1985 Hrdlicka has carried on building the kind of team and proud business that is dedicated to outstanding service. NIDA Marketing now ranks as one of the nation’s premiere insurance marketing entities.


Judd England

Vice President

763-546-1800, x227

Judd has been in the Insurance business for nearly 40 years and has an over 30 year history with NIDA. Judd started as an agent and has participated in almost every position between there and his current status as Executive Vice President. He has incredible enthusiasm for helping agents chart a course to success in building their own business because he knows from first hand experience what that road is like. He considers the success of his agents as his own, takes great pride in helping people grow their business, and enjoys the little everyday triumphs as much as the big success stories. After forty years in the business Judd’s optimism and excitement for the job has never been higher.


Tom O’Brien

Vice President

763-546-1800, x240

Tom O’Brien has worked in the life insurance industry for more than thirty years and has enjoyed a wide range of experiences over those three decades. He brings to the table long-term relationships with our carriers and their home office staff. Having worked in positions from independent agent to home office to executive management Tom is dedicated to great service and a philosophy of uncompromising support for his reps. He believes in the motto “you can get into this business, but you’ll only be successful when the business gets into you.” Tom has enjoyed a long established relationship with NIDA Marketing and became a member of the team in 2007. He has helped establish key contracts for NIDA’s annuities division and is a driving force of growth for NIDA.


Kate Murray

Vice President
National Marketing

763-546-1800, x226

Kate Murray’s diligent work as NIDA Marketing’s Vice President of National Marketing is a cornerstone of our five-star commitment to service. Kate, simply put, loves the profession and the challenges of marketing. She shares her co-workers’ enthusiasm for the fast-paced NIDA environment. Kate describes herself as goal oriented and the success of the company in recent years has allowed her to achieve and surpass even her highest professional goals. She thinks of her job as an endless opportunity for success. NIDA has allowed Kate to be in control of her own destiny, a quality she believes extends not just to the company’s staff but its agents as well.


Jeff Stanek

Chief Operating

763-546-1800, x224

Jeff has solidified his reputation for outstanding commitment to our national agent community by remaining highly motivated and passionate for his work. His philosophy is that helping agents improve their own business with quick turnaround and dependable solutions is the best way to improve NIDA’s position in a complex market. He believes in the mission and mandate of NIDA, and views the work as COO as an incredible opportunity with a company that lives up to its reputation for outstanding service.


Mike Sanders

Office Manager

763-546-1800, x236

Mike is a driving force behind NIDA Marketing’s enduring efforts to lead as a service-oriented, efficient, and professional organization. In the role of Office Manager, Mike has streamlined internal processes to ensure that everyone within our organization is operating effectively in full support of our agent community. While agents do not always get the direct benefit of Mike’s positive influence they enjoy the benefits of his hard work with quick turn-around times and dependable results every day.


Lou Severino

Vice President

763-546-1800, x225

Lou brings a hard hitting marketing analysis and implementation capability to NIDA Marketing. With over 40 years in computers, beginning with mainframes in Europe in the 60’s to today’s technical marvels, he is a technologist with an ever vigilant eye on new marketing trends. Lou has started several companies and turned a few around while running his own computer networking consulting business since 1988. He graduated from high school in Germany and attended the University of Munich studying electrical engineering while servicing mainframe computers. He is a rare find in combining marketing savvy with technical vision.


Jeff Ambrose

National Marketing Director

763-546-1800, x228

Jeff joined the NIDA team in 2014 to become part of the uplifting “can do” spirit of a company that is always trying to find ways to offer their agents the best service and expertise in the industry. He has over 20 years of experience in the Life Insurance business that started in the substandard risk market and has grown into a well-rounded knowledge of case design for any situation. Jeff has seen every type of case there is and matching your client with the right product the first time is his goal. We feel Jeff is a great addition and will help NIDA achieve its goal of continuing to provide courteous, insightful service to the national independent agent community.